Andrew Brooks, PhD

Cognitive Scientist, Data Scientist, Researcher

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who I am

I am a neuroscientist trained in conducting decision making research. I've worked with people in the field of business, accounting, economics, and psychology to come up with interdisciplinary ways to approach questions about the mind. Specifically, I'm trained in analyzing large functional neuroimaging datasets. I'm aiming to utilize my large dataset analysis skills and knowledge of human behavior to develop innovative methods for solving difficult problems. (Also, that really is my brain up there.)

Technical Qualifications

Cognitive Science

Neurofeedback, parametric/nonparametric statistics, multi-voxel pattern analysis, classification, cluster analysis, fMRI, connectivity, and neuroeconomic paradigm implementation


Expert in hypothesis generation, research design, data collection, analysis & inference


Strong interdisciplinary and cross-cultural communication skills (neuroscience, psychology, economics, & business)


Programming abilities in MATLAB, shell scripting, and Python


Experienced in a variety of statistics software packages (AFNI, SPM, MATLAB, R, SPSS, Stata)


User feedback, survey administration, debriefing, participant interaction

Dog Star Technologies

Project Scientist

As a project scientist at Dog Star, I am in charge of the collection and analysis of canine functional MRI data. I design and implement pipelines to pre-process this data, and apply general linear modeling, clustering, and classification analysis to build predictive models of canine training outcome. For more technical information, please see my resume.

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Emory University


As a post-doc I run functional MRI studies to help understand and influence human decision making. My current study, funded by an Army Research Office Young Investigator Program Grant, attempts to counteract sub-optimal decision making by presenting financial choices during 'optimal' brain-states. I also mentor laboratory graduate and undergraduate students, and regularly interact with the participants in my studies through debriefings and survey administration. For more technical information, please see my resume or 'Projects' page.

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  • Advisor: Dr. Gregory Berns, Dr. Monica Capra

    Emory University (PhD)

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  • Mercer University (BS)

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Aversive stimuli and loss in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system

Brooks, A. M., & Berns, G. S. (2013).

Trends in Cog. Sci. 17(6):281-286.



Neural insensitivity to upticks in value is associated with the disposition effect

Brooks, A. M., Capra, C. M., & Berns, G. S. (2012)

Neuroimage. 59:4086-4093.



From bad to worse: Striatal coding of the relative value of painful decisions.

Brooks, A. M., et al. (2010).

Frontiers in Decision Making



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